For the newbies a short introduction of the boats and their crew.

n de Skuta en Scylla – Introductie 2008

A short introduction for the newbies reading our reports.

Our English friends know the reports of last year.

 The voyage is a continuation of last year.

We will have for 4 months a different, slow life.

 Our goals: first of all enjoying, visit new countries, cycling, enjoying nature, reading, having good food, listening to our favourite music, photography, painting......

 Every two to three weeks there will be an update, so that we have some contact with our friends and don't miss the social life at home too much. 
It is the only disadvantage of being away for such a long time.

  The boats and their crew.

Arie and Nelleke travel with their own boat with us.
Arie did a handover to his son for all business matters and sponsors extensively the phone companies to help him, when needed.
Tineke and Hub have early retired from the hectic work environment.

The boats are often recognized, even abroad, as the two 'Dutch blue boats'.
The ‘Scylla’ of Nelleke and Arie is a Victoire of slightly more than 11 meter, the ‘Skuta’ is a Comfortina of nearly 11 meter.
The boats have ample of luxuary:

a lot of space, cooker, oven, fridge, shower, heating, bikes, dinghy with motor and of course all modern equipment for navigation, sailing and communication.
The stock of wine would probably be well respected in a good restaurant…….both amount and quality.
Huge amounts of books and music are aboard.

We even have tv (digital terrestial and satellite), so that we can see now and then some news and.....the football.
Tineke has equipment for painting and drawing with her, Hub his cameras and computer.
Also Nelleke is a fanatic with respect to photography.

 The voyage.

High level the journey is from the south of The Netherlands, through the canals and rivers to the North of NL (because of the wind).
After that via the German Bight through the Kieler Canal to the Baltic.
We will follow the German coast (former East Germany) to Bornholm (a Danish island), the east coast of Sweden to Gotland (a Swedish island) eastwards to Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and back home.

I will add regularly more detailed maps, so that the trip can be seen in more detail.

Departure was may 18th and the planned arrival around September 15.                                                   


Dinner in the sun.


The Kieler canal.


In the Archipelago.



Map of the 2008 trip.